Established in the memory of Dylan Nahorniak, a highly regarded baseball player and valued member of the Saskatoon and Saskatchewan baseball community. In the fall of 2010 Dylan tragically lost his life in a motor vehicle accident. Since then, those close to him have kept his enthusiasm and love for baseball alive in many ways, such as holding this annual baseball tournament.

Shauna Woytiuk and Brooks Asham, another valuable baseball player on the Stallions team, and his parents Bev & Dan Asham have been very involved in the tournament and help organize the baseball side of the tournament and have been involved since the beginning and dedicated many hours and volunteer work towards the tournament’s success.

Colleen and Gino Nahorniak are Dylan’s proud parents and are also on the board of committee and are very active with many different aspects of the tournament. Dylan’s sisters Corinne, Beth, and Teralyn complete the total members of the board of committee.

Amongst all those mentioned above, the two most effected by the loss of Dylan’s wonderful spirit is his beautiful young wife Rochelle Nahorniak and his now 10 year old daughter Brooklyn Nahorniak. These two contribute in many different ways, and inspire us all, to strive to be better. These two fine young ladies are two of the strongest people I know, they have over come hardships people there age should never have to. As one of Rochelle Nahorniak’s favorite quote goes ‘No regrets, Just love.’ They are and forever will  be valuable counterparts in the Nahorniak family.


June. 19, 2010 Dylan & Rochelle’s wedding

This tournament takes a lot of work from many more people other than the above mentioned and without there hard work and dedication this would not be a success. The many volunteers should that attend countless meetings, and provide much insight and help deserve to be shown the credit they deserve.



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