8 05 2014

Hopefully everyone had a chance to grab a copy of the Saskatoon Express this week with Colleen’s (Dylan’s mom) story. She shares some really great stories of Dylan, and we are all very proud of her for gathering the strength to do that.

We have also been asked to appear on the morning show of Global News Friday May. 9, 2014 regarding the tournament. So set your recorders or alarm clocks bright and early to catch Teralyn Nahorniak & Dan Asham on TV live!

Listen to C95 & Rock 102 as they are also advertising the tournament for us!

For everyone who purchased 4th DN tournament apparel, it is in and all ready to be picked up at Cairns field. Find Rochelle Nahorniak to pick up your stuff Friday or Saturday!

New this year we are giving 5 lucky draw winners a chance to win $10,000 through our pay off pitch contest!!!!!

We can hardly wait to let the games begin, and thank you again to everyone who has helped make all this possible, we are anticipating another huge success. It is such an honour that we can keep Dylan’s memory alive.

expressSaskatoon Express Article with Dylan and Baby Brooklyn




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